The Khoisan camping out at the Union Buildings. Picture: Sakhile Ndlazi

Pretoria - Members of Khoisan camping at the Union Buildings have lambasted the new Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill,saying it did not include them. 

The Bill was passed during a special sitting of the National Council of Provinces yesterday. 

It is aimed at giving recognition to Khoisan communities, leaders and structures, and also affected people living under a customary rule.

But according to Chief Khoisan SA, who is leading the group at the Union Buildings the Bill doesn’t recognise indigenous leaders which is who they are. 

“We reject this bill wholeheartedly and we want the president to change it. And we will show by further camping outside here (Union Buildings).

Chief Khoisan SA speaks about the new Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill. Video: Sakhile Ndlazi

They called an urgent press briefing today to criticise the new Bill and also iron out some of their grievances.

They demanded the government recognise the Khoisan as the first nation of South Africa and that their languages be made official.

The group also want land and the Land Claim Act to be scrapped. And that their “coloured identity” be scrapped, according to them.

They have been camping on the lawns of the Union Buildings under the dominating Nelson Mandela statue, since November 30, 2018. 

“We also want the land expropriation talks stopped. 

"Government must talk to us first, the rightful owners before engaging in expropriation. We are the rightful owners,” he said.

Locals have been bringing them food and even brought them tents after theirs were damaged by the weather. 

They admitted that conditions were tough but they were going to soldier on. 

The youngest of the six-member squad is the Chief’s son who is 12 years old.

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