Gauteng Premier David Makhura at the launch of a R10 billion integrated housing development in Rama City near Rosslyn Industrial area. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

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Premier David Makhura on Thursday launched a R10 billion integrated housing development in Rama City near Rosslyn Industrial area.

He remarked that the project would revive hopes for the locals to have a vibrant economy and more jobs.

Makhura, who spoke to the community at a ceremony officially launching the project, said the development would be funded through private investment.

"We need to mobilise significant private sector investment. In this project alone, there is R10 million investment by the private sector. 

The government comes in to provide money for bulk services, but the rest of the investment is private sector investment," he said.

Premier David Makhura talks to media during the launch of a R10 billion housing project. Video: Rapula Moatshe

More than 17 000 housing units, which include the RDP houses, student accommodation and bond houses would be built.

In addition, the development would include seven primary schools, four secondary schools, one clinic, 14 parks, one shopping centre, 38 industrial parks and one municipal office.

Makhura said: "The mega project would create a healthy and vibrant household economy that will ensure that job opportunities are created closer to places of work thereby reducing travelling costs and will also be close to other social amenities."

The construction would take place on a portion of land, which used to be called farm Kafferskraal and Wilderbeeshoek, approxiamtely 755 hectares in extent.

The land was transferred to the community there in 1994 following a land restitution.

The community, which was represented by the Rama Community Property Association entered into an agreement with project developers Rama Horizon Developments in 2007 to develop the farmland.