A woman was hit by a bus this morning in Madiba Street. Picture: Chelsea Ntuli

Pretoria - A woman was hit by a bus this morning in Madiba Street near the Pretoria News building at a bus stop when she was crossing the road.

According to bystanders the woman was ducking a car when she got hit and rolled under the bus. 

A group of men had to to lift the bus to get to the woman who was severely injured underneath it.

One bystander said it happened so suddenly and it seemed that it took a minute for the bus driver to realise that he had hit the woman.

"When the lady rolled under the bus we all thought she was dead, she did not see the bus and I don't think the bus would have hit the lady if it wasn't for the car that had parked in front of the bus," she said.

A woman is tended to after being hit by a bus. Video: Chelsea Ntuli

Three other people were allegedly also hit by the bus and among them was a scholar who disappeared from the scene.

Some of the people who usually got their buses there complained that the street was dangerous to cross and taxi drivers parked in the spot whenever they wanted.

"When people cross here they don't normally look at cars parked at the bus stop where they are not supposed to," said one man who worked nearby.

The fire brigade arrived first at the scene  and assisted the lady who was hit. 

An ambulance came soon after and it was then that they realised that her leg was broken and got rushed to the hospital.

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