A look at Natasha Joubert’s reign since her crowning as Miss SA 2023

Miss SA 2023, Natasha Jouberg. Picture: Yolanda van der Stoep.

Miss SA 2023, Natasha Jouberg. Picture: Yolanda van der Stoep.

Published Feb 5, 2024


Natasha Joubert’s reign has been jam-packed with activities since her joyful coronation as Miss SA 2023, from attending prominent events to the launch of her advocacy campaign, which she says is close to her heart.

On the night that marked a watershed moment in Joubert’s life, she said she felt compelled to make a positive change in the world around her.

She added that she believed that success is more than simply personal successes; it is also about the possibilities we have to give back and encourage people around us.

“I will strive to be a source of inspiration and support for others, just as I have been supported on my journey now and before.”

True to her word, she later disclosed the details of her advocacy initiative, the Natasha Joubert Collective, which aims to collaborate with businesses and funders to provide funding for learning programmes and bursaries, as well as support the improvement of schools through the provision of infrastructure, libraries and mentorship.

She recently expressed her happiness with the campaign's outcome, which she launched in collaboration with Boston City Campus, her alma mater, to enable 12 South African students, who are at least 18 years old, to be awarded full academic scholarships for a year to attend Boston City Campus.

“I am humbled by the response I received and, together with Boston, will be selecting the candidates whose names will be announced soon. The motivational letters I received from applicants were moving, and it’s heartbreaking that financial constraints obstruct the aspirations of so many talented individuals.

“It’s strengthened my commitment to do as much as possible in the education and entrepreneurial spaces to make a difference in some people’s lives. I’ve said it before: education should never be a privilege limited to the fortunate few.”

Apart from her campaign, she collaborated with dancer Robot Boii to introduce two new MoFaya energy beverages.

Joubert’s blend is appropriately dubbed Berry Queen, and Joubert and the Miss South Africa Organisation collaborated closely with MoFaya to design the pink, berry-flavoured effervescent drink, as well as the white, pink, and gold can.

She said that the co-operation allowed her to express her creativity and stimulated her thoughts, noting that “the can is feminine and eye-catching” and the drink has “a great flavour”.

Joubert has also been at many prominent events, adding her voice as South Africa's reigning queen.

Her journey leading to her triumphant reign and determination has encouraged many to pursue their dreams despite multiple failures.

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