Trevor Gumbi. File image.
Trevor Gumbi. File image.

#aTypicalInterview: I’m pretty shy around people – Trevor Gumbi

By Sameer Naik Time of article published Feb 27, 2021

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In this week’s A-typical interview we feature South African actor, writer, and comedian Trevor Gumbi.

The SAFTA award nominated actor is well known for his roles in local TV series Sober Companion, TV series Les blagues virales de Mick et Rob, and locally produced Netflix hit movie How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding.

Gumbi is also known as the co-host (and voice over artist) of Mzansi Magic entertainment magazine show Headline (2010-2013).

He also stars as Gideon Gwinyimbuzi, the dim-witted security guard that works at the reception of the apartment building, in the SABC1 sitcom Ses’Top La and has hosted the Mzansi Magic travel show Msawawa True South with Trevor Gumbi.

As a comedian, Gumbi has appeared at several major comedy events in the country, including performing at Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, King-size comedy jams, Blacks Only, Laugh out Loud and Arts Alive comedy festival.

The moment you most regret in life is… ?

There are honestly MANY moments in life that I regret. Most of them I play it out differently in the shower as I run different scenarios of how I can come out the victor.

I’ve learnt though, that all those regrets are in the past and all I can do is learn from them and be a better version of myself.

After all “only a fool trips over something that’s behind them”.

Trevor Gumbi Picture: DK EXPRESSIONS

The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is… ?

The after school sandwiches I’d toast in the Snackwich maker.

It was always best at month-end when we had groceries and I’d have my pick of what goes in it.

Was always a mountain of molten cheese lava that would burn my mouth cause I’d always eat it fast.

Great, now I’m hungry and I don’t have groceries…

You can watch any live sporting event in the world. Which game or event do you choose to watch?

I dream of the day that I can watch my sons either playing together for the Springboks or in the SA swimming relay team. Living vicariously through my kids much? Yep!

Trevor Gumbi on Sober Companion.

What is one thing people don't know about Trevor Gumbi?

I’m pretty shy around people and I use humour or outrageous behaviour to deflect from my social anxiety.

A restaurant is introducing the Trevor Gumbi kota to their menu. You get to choose the main ingredients. What goes into the Trevor Gumbi kota?

Everything that’s in the fridge after the head chef has done groceries! EVERYTHING !

What’s the one thing that has caught your attention on social media in the past week?

What’s caught my attention on social media of late, with the pandemic, lockdowns, liquor restrictions and daily passing of people’s loved ones, is that, we all need to be a little kinder to one another and people are clearly not coping and aren’t going about the right way to get help.

Depression is a REAL thing and requires treatment.

Sometimes people lash out at others as a sign of depression or a cry for help.

I’d like us ALL to take some time out and really connect with people in these trying times.

Your celebrity crush growing up was… ?

My all time celebrity crush growing up was Will Smith's niece Tatyana Ali on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. To this day !

Your most embarrassing moment on stage was… ?

I’ve had MANY. Trick is to always remember “don’t let the good shows go to your head and don’t let the bad shows go to your heart”.

If you had to switch places with another famous person who would it be with?

I’ve learnt that all that glitters ain’t good and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

If offered someone else’s life and problems, you’d realise that they have far worse problems than you have.

But, if I really really had to? It would be Ryan Reynolds (for the awesome body and natural charm).

What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

Worst date I ever had was one that my “date” didn’t know it was a date!

Back in primary school, there was a girl I liked, Storm Musket Yetts.

She had a birthday party at her house and I managed to get invited.

It was at night, in the suburbs. I lived in the location.

Public transport ends at 7pm. We didn’t have a car at home.

The party ended and everyone got picked up by their parents and I just hung around not knowing what to do.

She and her parents were very kind to me though, I slept over (my first ever sleepover) and went home the next morning.

Best part of that date was when we were alone in her room and I brushed her hair in front of her mirror for like an hour while we chatted about Kriss Kross and 90210.

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