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#aTypicalInterview: What Jason Goliath plans on doing during the national shutdown

By Sameer Naik Time of article published Mar 24, 2020

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In this week’s A-typical interview we feature South African comedian and actor Jason Goliath.

He’s performed successfully at numerous corporate events and leading comedy rooms and events such as Blacks Only, Kings and Queens of Comedy, Johannesburg International Comedy Festival, Comedy Central International Comedy Festival, BET Experience, Melville Under Ground, AWEdnesday Comedy Jam, Comics Choice Awards Winners Lap, and many more.

He’s also performed to full house audiences at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland in December 2014 and 2016.

He has also featured as the lead in a number of TV ads including Castle Lager, First For Women, Tiger Wheel and Tyre, CTM, Mobicell, Sasol, Bar One and Wimpy to name a few. 

He was also on SABC 3’s Strictly Come Dancing and starred as Gatiep in SABC 1’s sitcom Ses’ Top La.

Goliath will feature in Vin Diesel’s new movie Bloodshot which is set to be released next month.

Your top three self isolation activities are.......?

Binge watching everything! Playing FIFA online with Nicholas Goliath and being on honeymoon with my wife!

What has caught your attention on social media in the past week?

Social media has been overwhelming! But it’s great to see South Africans so united. I'm annoyed by people still posting about themselves at social gatherings though, this is not a holiday!

What were some of the items you rushed to get as the Coronavirus began spreading through South Africa?

I’m not about panic buying. I did buy an extra gas bottle just in case though. 

What is the best and worst thing about marriage for you?

Best thing about marriage is not having to go through all life’s challenges on your own! The worst thing is people nagging you to have kids! 

You are on death row. You are given the chance to have any last meal and drink. What do you choose to have?

Chicken curry and roti with a double rum and Coke! If you don’t get why those things make me happy we can’t be friends.

Can you share with us your most embarrassing moment on stage ?

I tripped and fell flat on the floor!! Needless to say that was the biggest laugh of the night! I’m a lot of person to watch falling.

You are given the opportunity to open your very own restaurant. What do you name the restaurant , and what is your signature dish?

We had a restaurant called Roast Cafe in Melrose Arch! My favorite dish was the Gourmet Rib And Wing combo.

The best comedian you have seen live is.....?


You can step into a boxing ring with any South African celebrity for a 12 round fight. Who would you choose to come up against?

12 rounds! I’ll die! I’ll take AKA on for one round, just to see, lol.

Who'd you want writing your obituary and why?

My Mom, Sister and Wife. Nobody loves me more. Nobody knows me better. They’re all funny as well.

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