Bird flu woes in South Africa ‘highlight benefits of choosing plant-based products’

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Published Oct 18, 2023


Johannesburg - The bird flu pandemic has had a direct impact on businesses and households across South Africa, causing egg shortages as well as fluctuating egg pricing.

B-well, a local brand in the condiment industry, has issued a statement reassuring customers that there will be no disruption to its supply of products: it offers a range of eggless, vegan-friendly mayonnaises and dips made in South Africa.

B-well is a market leader in vegan products that provide safe and allergen-free alternatives that offer the same taste as traditional mayonnaise. As a result, its range of mayonnaise and dips have been developed without eggs and dairy products, using GMO-free ingredients. The range is naturally gluten-free and thickened with pea protein.

South Africa is currently facing an eggs shortage. Supplied image.

Made with locally-grown canola oil – a seed oil naturally cholesterol free, high in Omega 3 and low in saturated fat – B-well’s mayonnaises have been endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSFSA).

B-well’s Canola Oil has been awarded the Cancer Association of South Africa’s Smart Choice Seal, promoting its contribution to cancer risk reduction and good health.

“Both these endorsements underscore the company’s commitment to promoting healthier eating choices for all South Africans,” the brand said.

They added that within the B-well range, consumers will find a number of variants. “The original four mayonnaise variants are Original Tangy, Thick & Creamy, Reduced Oil, which contains 47% less oil than Original Tangy, and Olive & Canola – a premium mayonnaise that brings the subtle flavour of olive oil.

“In addition, there are three flavoured mayonnaises – Garlicnaise, Lemonaise and Chillinaise – three creamy dips – Cajun Chilli, Roasted Onion and Cheddar & Chives – and a Sandwich Spread. All are vegan-friendly, high in omega 3s and endorsed by the HSFSA.”

The B-well range is manufactured by Southern Oil, a South African company that operates out of Swellendam in the Western Cape.

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