Breakfast club in a bottle: ’Anele and The Club’ launches new smoothie

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Published Feb 14, 2021


Joburgers can now know what their favourite radio personalities taste like. The breakfast club at 947, Anele and The Club, launched its very own smoothie and they claim it’s pure, bottled energy.

The breakfast club said the show reflects the can-do attitude of Joburgers and is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional breakfast radio, and a smoothie seemed like the perfect way to kickstart the day.

"We had this awesome conversation about smoothies on air. We decided as Joburg's leading breakfast show we need our very own, bespoke, breakfast creation. So we called on Sir Fruit to help us make it happen," said Anele Mdoda, host of the show.

The campaign kicked off with hundreds of smoothie recipes received from listeners. After extensive and sometimes hilarious testing, the team decided on a juicy blend of ingredients: mango, pineapple, passion fruit, carrot, orange, chia seeds and yoghurt.

Fruit juice specialist Sir Fruit agreed to develop, produce and sell the new product on their website.

“It's the most fun thing to drink at that time of the morning and everyone thinks their combination is the best one. We now melted Joburg and their idea of a perfect smoothie and here we are,”said Mdoda.

And for those who might wonder what their favourite personality on the show tastes like: Franky du Toit is a banana – easy to peel, rarely disappoints and fits in smoothies, banana splits and fruit salad. “It plays nice with other fruits.”

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According to Mdoda, Thembekile Mrototo is a pineapple – sweet, but always prickly. Cindy Poluta is grapes because she enjoys wine; Alex Caige is a strawberry because he is a hopeless romantic.

Mrototo said of his teammates: “Anele: Pineapple – tough exterior but the ultimate sweet Diva; Cindy: Banana – a complete softie; Alex: Joburg's watermelon – many have had a bite, if you know what I mean; and Frankie: an apple – the consistently calm one through the chaos.

Frankie in turns said: “Anele: Watermelon – thick-skinned, sweet inside and full of surprises cause you never know where the pips are; Cindy: strawberry – sweet, and perfect with every desert; Thembekile: mango, so messy and juicy it ends up everywhere and you just can’t get enough; Alex: pineapple – very intimidating to crack open, but an absolute treat to enjoy.

The team said they have picked small establishments and restaurants that suffered during the pandemic and will give them the first week of sales footprint; after that, the smoothies will be stocked across Johannesburg.

The head of marketing at Sir Fruit, Roanne Goldsmith, said: “We love the idea of creating something really delicious specifically for Joburgers. Anele and the Club are such a fun group of people, I think the smoothie is just as special as they are."

After the ingredients were finalised, the show asked listeners to come up with a name. More than 2 300 suggestions were received. And with the most votes from Joburg listeners, the new name was confirmed to be “It takes two to mango”.

“It tastes like a bottled Joburg sunrise. It was created by the people of Joburg, powered by Sir Fruit, and I think it reflects who we are. It's healthy, smooth, sunny and packed with energy. One bottle of our smoothie and you're powered up to take on the day. Or at least Joburg traffic,” said Mdoda.

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