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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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French brand Panier Des Sens brings organic beauty to SA

FRENCH beauty brand Panier Des Sens has finally landed in South Africa. l SUPPLIED

FRENCH beauty brand Panier Des Sens has finally landed in South Africa. l SUPPLIED

Published May 20, 2022


JOHANNESBURG – French beauty brand Panier Des Sens has finally touched down on African soil and has landed on the South African market.

Last week, the luxury brand officially launched its brand in the country, with a star-studded launch event at Lueur Wellness Spa in Johannesburg.

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The brand, which was born in the South of France over 20 years ago, is an entirely vegan and sustainably sourced beauty brand, inspired by the natural resources of France and old Mediterranean know-how.

It is a luxurious perfumery that creates 100% naturally sourced and organic products with delicate scents made by master perfumers in Grasse.

The Saturday Star caught up with the brand director of Panier Des Sens, Nitsa Comninos-Rose, to chat about their launch in the country and what South Africans can expect from the brand.

PANIER Des Sens brand directors. l SUPPLIED.

Can you tell me a little bit about the Panier Des Sens brand?

Since 2001, Panier des Sens has been writing its history deep in the heart of Provence and draws its inspiration from Mediterranean ingredients and know-how to create fragrances, as well as ranges of natural care products.

Panier des Sens has been developing its product expertise for more than 20 years, building on the incomparable know-how of Marseille’s master soap makers and the Grasse region’s perfumers.

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We pursue our philosophy and our deep commitment for cleaner, more sustainable cosmetics by developing our natural formulas, imagined and manufactured in France, through the promotion of short circuits.

What range of products does Panier Des Sens offer?

Our collections are made up of:

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– Expert body care with active ingredients from Provence. The ingredients have recognised cosmetic properties and are all ethically sourced.

– Facial Care: all formulas tested under dermatological control.

– Men’s Care for face and body made with organic olive oil from Provence.

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– Fragrances containing essential oils and absolute perfumes

– Gifting – natural gifts for every taste presented in boxes or sets.

SOME of the products of French beauty brand Panier Des Sens that are now available in South Africa. l SUPPLIED

What is so special about this brand?

Panier des Sens is actively committed to responsible natural beauty and our face and body ranges enriched with raw materials contain between 95% and 100% ingredients of natural origin.

We select the best regional producers in Provence through sustainable partnerships and enhanced traceability, we are committed to extract the best ingredients and ensure irreproachable quality of our products.

Our plant and mineral-origin ingredients, as well as our formulations, are never tested on animals, pursuant to European regulations. All our ranges are vegan-friendly except for our honey collection and some of our lip balms that contain ingredients from beehives.

All our fragrances are created by master perfumers in Grasse, birthplace of the world’s Fine Perfurmery where their perfume-related know-how has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO, with exceptional raw materials they are exclusive to the brand.

We systematically ensure our products are recycled and prioritise natural recycled materials. Our packaging, as well as our communication media, are supported by independent certification bodies. We use up to 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, ie 20,5 tons less virgin plastic used and 80% aluminum recycled per year!

We are part of the !% for the planet organisation, members of the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Pam Oil), and The Conservatoire d’espaces naturels (PACA) which protects the diversity of the natural environment, plants and animals of Provence-Alpes- Cote-D’Azur region.

PANIER Des Sens brand ambassadors Catherine Constantinides and Craig Jacobs. l SUPPLIED

Why should South Africans try the Panier Des Sens brand?

Panier des Sens is a breath of fresh air in the South African beauty landscape. Its fine fragrances and exquisite formulations, combined with its numerous beauty and wellness benefits, are highly desirable across the globe. Gentle on our skin, our Earth and our pocket!

What makes your brand so much more different to other cosmetic and fragrance brands?

The global beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry guilty of using billions of units of plastic packaging every year, most of which is not truly recycled or recyclable. This has devastating consequences on our planet. Just as in apparel, this waste is built into the price of the product.

Through our sustainable sourcing and natural ingredients, we offer a luxury product at a price that has not been inflated, and a formulation that has both beauty and wellness benefits.

The cosmetics are organic. Why is it so important to have organic cosmetics?

We love this quote from Dr Mark Hyman, American physician and New York Times bestselling author: “What we put on our skin – the largest organ in our body – gets absorbed, travels through the bloodstream.

“It’s a simple fact; yet so many of us don’t think twice about how the ingredients in our favourite skin care products, such as shampoo, sunscreen, creams and soaps, affect our health.”

Do you guys work together with any celebrities who are ambassadors for your brand. If so, can you tell me a little bit about the celebs involved in the Panier Des Sens brand?

We launched and ignited the Panier Des Sens brand on 12th May 2022. The Panier Des Sens ambassadors are Craig Jacobs and Catherine Constantinides as they are eco-warriors that reflect the pillars that Panier Des Sens stands.

The brand stands for respecting the essence of plant material, creating formulars that are significantly cleaner and for consumers and the environment and striving for total transparency.

Internationally, the brand collaborates with acclaimed artists like French illustrator Stephan Muntaner, who designed our limited-edition packaging. The brand also has a wonderful relationship with the Musee International de la Parfumerie located in Grasse.

MORE first-class French beauty products fdrom Panier Des Sens. l SUPPLIED

Who is your target market in South Africa?

Our consumers are ageless. Those that are eco-minded and aware that the choices they make have bigger consequences to not only our planet but to all of overall well-being.

Are these products for males and females?

Yes, the collections are curated beautifully for everyone to enjoy.

As a brand, what kind of impact would you like to leave in South Africa?

That there is more to beauty than just outer aesthetic. We would like beauty to be viewed as beauty with a purpose… a purpose for self-care, heightened consideration for our environment and an awareness that what we put on our skin directly impacts our well-being.

We believe that there should be more pressure applied to the big South African retailers to take a more active stance in selling beauty brands that follow these principles and guidelines.

Can you provide our readers with some beauty tips?

Think of your skin as a sponge and make sure that you apply only the best and most natural ingredients onto it.

Beauty is, of course, about looking good but more importantly feeling good and caring about one’s physical and mental well-being.

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