High profile Radio presenter shares his horror story he experiences at Radio BOP

Top radio Presenter Sammy Fever claims he’s been scammed by the station’s CEO Gift Mogapi. Picture: File

Top radio Presenter Sammy Fever claims he’s been scammed by the station’s CEO Gift Mogapi. Picture: File

Published Feb 16, 2024


More Radio Bop Africa employees have come forward to detail their bad experiences at the station.

A well-known broadcaster and comedian, Sammy “Fever” Mashabane is one of the latest Bop employees to share his story about ill treatment at the station.

Mashabane says that the station’s chairman and owner Gift Mogapi is a conman, who thrived on lies.

“This guy is a liar of note, he’s been promising to pay me for the past three months. Instead of paying me he goes on air telling people that I need to be trained as broadcaster,” Mashabane said.

He warned potential employees to beware.

“Warn anyone who would like to work for the Radio Bop Africa that they should not leave their current jobs, because they are going to regret it.”

Mashabane accused Mogapi of gaining the confidence of women, who believed that he was an honest businessman, and would later con them out of their money.

“He tricks wealthy women, and the department of communication must stop this conman from using the digital space in conning people. Icasa must also know about him,” he said.

Lebogang Mashiane, one of Mogapi’s victims, told Saturday Star that she started working for Radio Bop radio in January 2023 and has been given the runaround when it comes to being paid.

Mashiane said there was always an excuse when monies were meant to paid into their accounts.

“The guy had many of us, one time the reason we were not getting paid was because of payroll faults. Next he told us he was not using local banks, so the money was held up the South African Reserve bank,” she said.

Mashiane detailed how they were expected to go the extra mile, without the company providing them with the tools to execute their duties.

“Mogapi told us that he had purchased iPad’s from the US, and that they would soon be delivered. I left the company without seeing any of those things he promised”.

She said she decided to leave the company after working for five months without being paid.

However, Mogapi told Saturday Star that every employee had been compensated for their services.

“As a result, you will find that all our employees are currently engaged in their respective roles, performing the tasks they were hired for and are being paid to do their work.

“I urge your newspaper to exercise caution and avoid becoming unwitting accomplices to malicious intent by not thoroughly testing the credibility of the allegations brought forward, Mogapi said.

“If you have not already done so, I recommend requesting evidence from individuals claiming to be employees of any company when they bring forth claims,” he said.

Employees who had grievances should direct them through institutions like the CCMA or the Department of Labour, he said.

Mogapi said the allegations by former employees amounted to character assassination.

“Regarding Sammy Fever's suitability as a radio presenter for Radio Bop Africa, I stand by my honest assessment that he does not possess the necessary qualifications for the role. This assessment was made after assuming my fiduciary responsibilities on December 299, 2023.

“Despite his attempts to tarnish my name and engage in unprofessional behaviour, I will not waver in my stance on this matter. Sammy "Fever" Mashabane remains a comedian, and his current actions only serve to reinforce this fact,” he asserted.

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