LOOK: The Quinton van der Burgh Foundation partners with the SPCA to celebrate World Animal Day

Published Oct 6, 2022


Johannesburg – More than 200 dogs and cats are put down each week in our country simply because they are unwanted.

The Quinton van der Burgh Foundation, could not stand by and not assist, and this week was involved in the SPCA’s Sterilisation Day, which took place on 28 September 2022.

“We don’t only want to focus on the human aspect of giving, we also want to help animal shelters across South Africa,” said CEO of the QVDBF, Quinton Van der Burgh.

“On World Animal Day, October 4, we reached out to the SPCA who are in desperate need of support and this is what they advised that was needed.”

“Sakata, Lanseria is one of many communities that need assistance as they are often hard-pressed to have their animals sterilized.”

The accomplished entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist is passionate about giving back to others.

“I believe in using my own generosity to ignite the generosity in others whilst inspiring them to live by those humbling principles - so our country understands what it means to benefit from generous hearts and giving spirits,” says van der Burgh.

SPCA kennel manager, Cynthia Bezuidenhout saod, “Sterilization is honestly ‘life’ for us. It will solve a lot of issues. Not just for SPCA but other shelters. Less cruelty, fewer dogs and cats in shelters, fewer unwanted litters, fighting, roaming.”

QVDBF provided funds to facilitate the sterilization of 50 animals.

“It’s helping the voiceless and often desperate plight of animals in need. Not just the SPCA but animal shelters as a whole.”

“It’s alarming to know that only one out of 10 dogs born will ever find a permanent home.”

“Over 230 000 animals are roaming the streets today, without being able to turn anywhere, as the animal shelters are full and left with no other option other than to terminate these animals' lives”

According to Bezuidenhout, the foundation's gesture goes a long way to assist their cause.

“We are grateful for any corporate involvement in helping us achieve some of our short term goals that will have long term effects.”