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#TheFlyingCook: How to make home-made Mango Ice Cream

By Chantel Manning Time of article published Oct 30, 2019

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Traditionally in my family on our birthdays, as a special treat, we could choose our favourite dish.

This year, my choice is mango ice cream for breakfast. 

It might not be something you are used to but it is a unique treat to start the day with.

Youngsters and the entire family will also enjoy this dish, especially in Spring which calls for all things sweet and fruity.

You can also encourage your kids or your partner to join in preparing and making this delicious treat as a way to spend much needed quality time together.

You will need just a few ingredients,which you can easily find it in your fridge and cupboards to create this mouth-watering delicious treat.

While my family and I might enjoy this treat for breakfast, home-made Mango Ice Cream can also be enjoyed as a delicious dessert option or a snack on a warm day.

Home-made Mango Ice Cream

- One of tin condensed milk

- Three table spoons of vanilla essence

- Two table spoons of lemon juice

- Two tins of mango pieces, pureed

 - Four egg whites

- Two cups fresh cream


- Pour condensed milk, vanilla, mango and lemon juice and mix well.

- Save ¼ ( a quarter) cup of mango puree for serving.

- Beat egg whites until stiff peaks, and fold into the condensed milk mixture.

- Beat cream until stiff white peaks, fold into the mixture.

Freeze for three to four hours before serving.


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