Rabbie Serumula, author, award-winning poet and journalist. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha
Rabbie Serumula, author, award-winning poet and journalist. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha

How many spineless journalists does it take to cause a rift amongst a black people united against the apartheid plaque?
Forty of these weasels.

These feeble, shameful excuses of writers, money-thirsty cowards so disgusting to the profession, have peddled fake news long before social and media co-existed.

The persistent urge of PW Botha to alter what black people think was psychological warfare.

What good is a black man standing next to a black womxn turning up their collars against the gusty winds of white dominion?

He is only good for prison, and she in oblivion.

What better way does a coloniser save his bullets if not to drive a wedge between a black man and black womxn and let them eat the skin off each other?

Is this not killing two eagles with one stone?

Will this not validate their absurd theory of African savages?

Packages sent to newspapers and television for the sole purpose of tunnel-visioning the masses.

The narrative became vulnerable to exploitation.

Minds of black communities in masses massacred by mass contamination.

“Winnie killed Stompie”. Then the coloniser sits back and watches.

Watches are ticking. Stompie discovered that Jerry Richards was a police informer.

Winnie could never know. Jerry murders The Young General.

Winnie takes the fall.

After all, Nelson Mandela is coming.

San Tzu’s Art of War lives and tells of dividing and conquering.

Watches are still ticking. The revolution is crumbling. The coloniser is smiling.

In Stratcom’s production room, camera reels were spinning.

A documentary about Winnie was made through other weasels at the SABC. The film reached the US and aired on 40 channels.

That’s 40 more weasels.

All in the name of discrediting the Mother of the Nation because bullets are expensive.

Sometimes a living “international terrorist” is easier to keep under control than a dead Struggle hero. Or so they thought.

Look at what has been unearthed in two weeks after her passing.

Rest in poetry Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

We have watched Pascale Lamche’s documentary.

We know now that when a man of God begs you for forgiveness.

No, not for you to forgive him, but for you to ask to be forgiven for a crime you never committed, Stratcom has done its job post apartheid.

Imagine a South Africa under the rule of a Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

In another realm this was to be.

You were criminalised so as to be politically neutralised.

All it took was 40 spineless journalists.

Forty weasels who could still be in newsrooms. The disgusting rodents may be hiding under the guise of media gurus today.

Their ill ways may have long infested media of today.

Fake news is rampant more on media today.

National agenda has since the dawn of print been set by what media says.

These weasels could have easily multiplied and hoards upon paragraphs upon stanzas and headlines of Yellow Journalism are now presented in black ink.

If the character assassination of Mama taught us anything, it’s that research did not always mean clicking buttons on a keyboard.

But it does now.

So there really shouldn’t be room for fake news.

We are just too lazy to do the research ourselves now.

It costs more to plot and plant misinformation than to shoot a target.

They could never kill her.

A mother of the nation can only be taken away by Mother Nature.