Jack Parow

Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow says he is humbled to have been chosen as the opening act for US star Eminem’s tour of South Africa.

Parow opened for the rapper’s show in Cape Town on Wednesday and will take to the stage on Saturday night at Ellis Park stadium in Joburg. “I’m really amped,” said Parow.

“I opened for him in Cape Town and it was really next-level. His show was also the best international I’ve seen... plus I got a shout-out from stage which blew my mind.”

Eminem’s management chose Parow from a handful of South African artists.

“A bunch of artists had to send in their “CVs”... so it’s pretty cool that they chose me.”

Parow said he was a huge fan of Eminem and opening for the rapper was his biggest gig to date. “I’m a huge fan and my favourite track is As the world turns.

“I have opened for Snoop, but it wasn’t close to the size of the Eminem Rapture Tour.”

Parow said he hoped to meet Eminem tonight after the concert. “I have an immense amount of respect for him and all he has done for music. If I meet him I might be a nerd though, I have that problem when I meet people and say something really stupid.”

Parow said his Joburg fans could expect an energetic performance tonight.

“It’s big, hard and lekker rough. I’m playing with the full band and doing tracks off my new album Nag van die Lang Pette. So get ready for high f****** energy.”

Another huge international star will also be performing in the City of Gold tonight.

Guitar legend Carlos Santana will take to the stage at the FNB Stadium following his two shows in Cape Town this week.

Santana will be performing on the largest stage available on the continent. Johnny Clegg will open for Santana.

There are still a limited number of tickets available for the Santana show, however Big Concerts said the stadium was near maximum capacity.

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