Want to start your own business but don’t know what to sell? What about incense?

India’s biggest manufacturer of incense sticks is keen to break into the South African market and is looking for potential partners.

Kiran Ranga is the managing director of Ripple Fragrances which is based in Mysore. The company is part of a group of companies, including N Ranga Rao & Sons – the world’s biggest incense maker.

The company was started in 1949 and makes about nine billion incense sticks a year. This makes them the market leader by volume.

Until now the company has exported incense to the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Ranga, part of the third generation in the business, is keen to include South Africa.

He is looking to either supply a large retail store or partner with a local business where his brand can be stocked.

Ranga said incense sticks had come a long way.

“Our incense is burnt in mosques, churches and temples.

“But it is also not just for prayer. Many people want a scent to create a particular ambiance.”