The Broken Promises team, fourth from left, Fadeen Mia (producer), Shanon Mishca Bhojraj (actress) and Kumaran Naidu (director and scriptwriter) with some of the budding actors at the auditions. * To watch the video, see the instructions on Page 17. Picture: Zanele Zulu

Durban - Budding actors, hoping to land roles in the fifth instalment of the Broken Promises movie franchise, V for Vengeance, brought their A-game to auditions at the Crescent Shopping Complex in uMhlanga.

Dozens of aspirant actors showcased their talent at the open call auditions for 13 roles that were up for grabs. 

They will know their fate in about a month.

The production team were searching for, among others, strong feisty females, hunks, the average guy and the typical Indian mother-in-law.

With Broken Promises 4-Ever wrapped up and ready to hit local cinemas later this year, film director and scriptwriter Kumaran Naidu told POST he had been bombarded with calls to do the next movie.

“We weren’t even done filming when people began asking when the next movie would be out. Instead of waiting, we decided to jump straight into the next instalment and search for those wanting to join us in our new adventure,” said Naidu.

The franchise had evolved over the years. He said that for the first three movies they had a more mature cast.

For the fourth and fifth instalments they introduced new young talent, including Theshen Naicker, Shanon Mishca Bhojraj and Aaliyah Chaboo.

“But rest assured that Kogie Naidoo, who played Amsugi, and Rani Pillay, as Bomi, will return to their respective roles,” Naidu said.

“The fifth movie will also be different. We will take viewers out of their comfort zones by exploring different story lines that many can relate to.”

He said: “Over 100 people auditioned for the various roles, so we were spoilt for choice.

“When we hold an audition, we are not just looking for people who can learn the words of a script. 

"We want to see real emotions, the drama and the quirky traits and skills that will add a new dimension to the movie.”

Through his films, Naidu is hoping to create an acting platform for more South Africans and intends making nine instalments of the movie.