A snake was found in the bonnet of Justin Naidoo's car. 
Picture: Supplied
A snake was found in the bonnet of Justin Naidoo's car. Picture: Supplied

Durban man finds snake peering at him through car vent

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Feb 11, 2020

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Durban - Driving from Pietermaritzburg to Durban with two snakes in his bonnet is something Justin Naidoo will not easily forget. 

Naidoo, 26, a security company owner, had been working night shift in Pietermaritzburg when he made the discovery. 

"It was a Friday night just after midnight, and there had been load shedding when I head a loud thud on the roof of my car.  I had been parked under a tree, I initially thought it was from the tree, then I saw two snakes that were entwined together slither down my windscreen."

Naidoo said he got the fright of his life and with minimal lighting, decided to drive to a nearby garage. 

"When I got to the garage which was well lit, I opened all my door and windows."

He said Pietermaritzburg snake catcher Dean Boswell was the only one willing to come out at 2am to assist.  Boswell said he tried to find the snake for two hours but to no avail.

"I took my snake book along and asked Justin to point out which snake and he said it looked like a Southern brown egg-eater."

He said he advised Naidoo to park the car in sunlight and the snakes would leave. 

Naidoo said he had no choice but to drive to his home in Durban. 

"It was a very scary experience, but I did it."

He said when he got home he parked the car and then contacted a mechanic to strip the car. 

"I finally found someone after midday who found one of the snakes coiled in the dashboard. 

"The other snake was nowhere to be found, it must have fallen off on the way to Durban."


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