LOOK: Monster mambas bask in sun, hide in TV cabinets and prayer places

By Jolene Marriah -Maharaj Time of article published Mar 18, 2020

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Durban - A 3 metre black mamba believed to have been living in the Inanda area was rescued by Durban snake catcher Nick Evans. 

Evans described the mamba as a monster one, which was one of the biggest he has caught. 

He said the snake was on a slope in a property in a rural area. 

"The people were hanging washing when they saw it basking in the sun on a tree stump and they called me. 

"In the next instant it went into the tree stump, I had to look for it for a little bit and I eventually found it."

On Sunday evening Evans said people saw a black mamba slither through their garden, into their front door and into their television cabinet. 
A black mamba was found in the tv cabinet. Picture: Supplied

He described the catch as quite easy. 

Evans said that same day a boomslang had to be rescued from a prayer area in Reservoir Hills. 
A boomslang was found in a prayer place in Reservoir Hills Picture: Supplied

"It's quite a strange place to find a tree snake, but it seems the birds chased the snake away and it took cover in a prayer area. 

Evans has had his hands full in the past few months, and said snake season would not die down in Durban anytime soon. 

A boomslang which is a highly venomous snake was caught swimming at a beach in Winklespruit. 

Evan said when he arrived at the beach the snake, approximately 1,5 metres long, was swimming on the edge of the waves


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