Mishqah Parthiephal
NOT only is she a celebrated actress, but Mishqah Parthiephal is also known for her tasteful sense of fashion.

Born and raised in Durban, the actress-model is known for her role as Jodi in Keeping up with the Kandasamys - the sequel of which is scheduled for release in April.

We picked her brain for some summer tips ahead of Valentine’s Day.

* Dinner: A black dress is always classic and a winner. Pair it with a bold lip or dramatic eye colour to give it a whole new look. Heard of dusky pink? Well, dusky blue is the newest ‘It’ colour. A casual dusky blue pants suit paired with a sexy silver metallic top will definitely turn heads.

* Day trip for a picnic at the beach: Firstly, start with sunblock. A loose shirt mixed with denim shorts are my ultimate.

* Evening dinner at or near the beach: My go-to outfit is palazzo pants with a strappy top. Add an open sandal (for a walk on the sand) and hoop earrings.

* An evening cruise: A simple floaty summer dress, whether you like it long or short every woman has one.

Pathiephal is also gaga over neon colours.

“Wearing the same neon colour, head to toe, is the latest and sexiest trend. It can be intimidating but I suggest you start off small. Pick one item to wear first, until you feel comfortable enough to wear a full neon ensemble.

Mustard hues are definitely part of my wardrobe this summer. You can pair it with every colour and it transitions well from day simplicity to nighttime glam.”

Regarding make-up, she opted for either minimal or make-up free skin, cautioning that it was important to apply a spritzer for hydration.

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