Anchored in her music

Vanessa Moodley. Picture: Supplied

Vanessa Moodley. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 9, 2023


VANESSA Moodley, a South African-Canadian singer, has released her latest single, Anchored.

Moodley was born and raised in Kharwastan and Glenwood in Durban before her family moved to British Columbia, Canada.

She said: “Anchored, like my collaboration with Jessica Chaz, is inspired by a dream that you can’t let go of. In my case, it’s more than just a career in music. It’s hoping for success both personally and professionally that is proving to take more than a decade to build, a kind that I’ve been praying for, that could make my family proud.

“The word ‘anchored’ was taken from a scripture in the Bible that describes hope as an anchor for your soul. I think for a lot of us, that has been waiting and hoping for something that is yet to bear fruit. There has been a lot of advice given in line with changing paths or trying other things, or giving up on a dream.

“But as I get older, I’m beginning to believe and see that there is triumph in perseverance. And so Anchored speaks to this; to finding an anchor for your soul, through the waiting, in hope.”

She said Anchored was produced by herself, Julian Telfer-Wan and Jessica Chaz.

“Julian sent over a track as he usually does every couple of weeks, and one morning at 7am, the melody and lyrics poured out of me. This felt easy and special. I think it’s my favourite collaboration of the year.”

The song is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

“Please stream and let us know somehow if you like it. And if you like it, adding it to a playlist will go a long way to help me and other local musicians understand if what we are doing adds value to your life.”

Moodley said their Indy label, MoodLab, aimed to make as much music for the public as they could.

“We have so many ideas and so much already in the works. Jessica Chaz is almost done with her upcoming EP titled River, which we have co-written. We have also signed two new electronic music artists - King Julian and Norasea. King just released a house track called Groove You and Norasea is his duo. They have an EP lined up for October 20.”

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