Bryoni working tirelessly to represent South Africa at Miss Supranational

Bryoni Govender

Bryoni Govender

Published Apr 12, 2024


Bryoni Govender will be the official South African representative at the 2024 Miss Supranational pageant.

The 15th edition of Miss Supranational – to be held in Nowy Sącz in Poland on July 6 – will see Andrea Aguilera of Ecuador crown her successor.

Govender said she was delighted to be the South African representative.

“I am incredibly excited and honoured to have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Miss Supranational. I have been working tirelessly to prepare both mentally and physically for the competition,” said Govender in a statement issued by the Miss South Africa organisation.

"These preparations have included intense training sessions to enhance my physical fitness, catwalk, poise and stage presence. I have also been working with top-notch trainers to improve my communication skills and develop a strong and impactful voice. I always say that the most important thing for me when preparing for any competition, is to have a positive and healthy mindset and to have put in all the necessary work.”

Govender added on Instagram: “This opportunity is a profound honour, marking a pivotal moment in my journey. It's a reminder that while some doors may close, others open wide, inviting us to step into new experiences. This chance to represent South Africa is not just a personal milestone but also a platform to advocate for the cause close to my heart on an international stage.

"I am committed to making the most of this opportunity, turning every challenge into a stepping stone towards success and every moment into a chance to make a lasting impact."

Govender believes that her previous international pageantry experience (she participated at Miss Universe last year) stood her in good stead.

“It taught me invaluable lessons about confidence and grace. These platforms demand more than physical beauty. It’s about owning your uniqueness and embracing it. I learned to stand tall, speak my truth and carry myself with poise.

"The spotlight can be intimidating, but I realised that authenticity shines brighter than any spotlight. And now, as I step into the international arena once again, I carry with me the lessons learned.

"I know that genuineness, resilience and an honest connection with people transcends borders. Whether I win a crown or not, I’ll continue making South Africa proud. So, here’s to dreams realised, lessons learned and the magic of representing my country on a global stage.”

She said she had been overwhelmed with the backing she received since she was named runner-up at the Miss South Africa 2023 pageant.

“The outpouring of support from fellow South Africans has been nothing short of heart-warming. Their encouragement, positive messages and unwavering belief have fuelled my determination. To every person who has cheered me on, sent kind words or simply believed in my dream, thank you.