A screengrab of a video showing two schoolgirls embroiled in a fight. The story was reported in POST last week.
Letter  -  THE article “Girl’s school punch-up goes viral” (POST, January 30 to February 3) with two school girls caught on camera embroiled in fisticuffs and hair-pulling at Southlands Secondary is a shame.

This type of behaviour will leave many parents outraged and deeply saddened.

If the trend continues, it will be the beginning of anarchy in the school.

Our forefathers will be turning in their graves as they were taught and instilled strong values, respect, and tolerance to their children, but sadly the present generation has lost their values and respect.

The era of Mr Moopanar, and late Mrs G Pillay, former principals who instilled strong values and respect, is sadly over.

The principal must be taken to task for this type of appalling behaviour which I have noticed is common in this school. Urgent remedial action is needed.

Our children are our future leaders and we do not want to taint their minds with the occurrence of this type of behaviour, especially girls.

It is good that the Department of Education is investigating and hopefully will leave no stone unturned in bringing this type of behaviour to a close.

Let us light our schools with love and drive out the evil forces that continue to erode our society.