Cyril Ramaphosa
Letter: ALLOW me to begin with a quote, as it would serve as a springboard to what follows:

“Those who will be going to Parliament must not be led by their conscience. They must be led by the principles of the ANC” - Ace Magashule, secretary-general.

The message of conscience is, sadly, misunderstood and misplaced. Conscience - yours, mine and others - is indeed our prosecutor, judge and executioner.

It behoves all of us not to ignore the profound truth in this message. But, I beg to differ with this important politician.

The imperative of my conscience demands respect.

I am not afraid to confess that my conscience is my own and an integral component of my soul and being.

So allow me to present without prejudice my two cents worth of opinion on the calls by a plethora of opinions not to vote for Cyril Ramaphosa and presenting him as unworthy to lead as president of the country. I submit that a vote for Ramaphosa is not a vote for the old ANC that we know. It is the new dawn ANC of President Ramaphosa.

Just as Nelson Mandela was destined to save South Africa when he played his card upon the assassination of Chris Hani to avert a destructive civil war, so is Ramaphosa sent to save our beloved country.

His trump card has the names of all those in dark robes riding high. Their state capture mission must fail, as all of them will be sacked after the election on May 8.