Don't panic! says snake catcher as second green mamba found in Durban suburbs

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Apr 7, 2020

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Durban - Durban snake catcher Nick Evans has appealed to Sherwood residents not to panic after a 1,7 metre green mamba was spotted in the area this week. 

Evans said it was the second green mamba to be found in a Durban suburb in two weeks. 

The other one was in Glenwood. 

Evans said this was "very peculiar" and not a natural occurrence, as green mambas were only found in coastal regions. 

"I don't want Sherwood residents to panic and think that green mambas are migrating there. The only explanation is that it was brought over by a hitchhiker"

Evans said he received a call from two people who spotted the green mamba lying on the pavement. 

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans with the snake.

Picture: Supplied

"They were on their way to the shop when they spotted it. I was skeptical and thought it was a spotted bush snake.I receive hundreds of call for that snake, but the guy was insistent and I had to go check it out."

Evans said by the time he arrived the snake had made its way up to a tree. 

"The tree was approximately 7 metres high and thankfully with the help of the Durban Fire Department and their ladder I was able to get up there. 

Evans said however catching the snake was no easy feat. 

The Durban Fire Department were also at the scene.

Picture: Supplied

"I caught the head but the body had been wrapped around the tree and I didn't want to injure the snake, so my mate Nick Saunders , another snake catcher, came up the ladder with this thong and we managed to retrieve the snake."

Evans said the snake was in good condition and would be released soon. 

He said the snake would have been lonely and would not have been able to find a mate.  


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