Potent Ice Perfumes, at the MegaCity in uMlazi, was left bare.
Potent Ice Perfumes, at the MegaCity in uMlazi, was left bare.

Radio jock Fahim Jamadar’s family home and businesses looted

By Nokuthula Mabuza Time of article published Jul 22, 2021

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Durban: Fahim Jamadar has suffered a triple blow during the violence. His three businesses and his home were looted.

Jamadar’s businesses, Potent Ice Perfumes in Umlazi Mega City, and Jamadar’s Builders Suppliers, and Jamadar’s Warehouse, both in Isipingo, as well as his home were looted.

He said, instead of staying in their home in Isipingo, he took his family to a hotel for safety, after he heard the looters could break into residents homes.

The radio jock said furniture, equipment, stock and five trucks were stolen.

“The losses amount to millions," said Jamadar.

Former radio jock Fahim Jamadar. Picture Leon Lestrade/African News Agency(ANA).

He said he was watching the news on Sunday afternoon about the looting, when an employee at Potent Ice Perfumes called him.

"She said the staff heard that looters were making their way to the mall. We thought they were mostly targeting the bigger stores, so we did not pack the stock to store it in a safer place. That evening, the mall security called to say people were in every store and were stealing. I then saw it on TV and could not believe it. I felt weak. I could not drive there because every street was a war zone. On Monday morning, I went to the shop to check on things. Everything was gone. They took all the perfume, purchasing systems and furniture. I could have sworn I was dreaming,” said Jamadar.

He said he was surprised that looters were still arriving at the mall.

“Later on Monday, our customer informed us that our house in Isipingo was broken into and looted. They took the beds, oven, stoves, everything you can find in a home. When I got there, the property was empty. I could not believe it. I know I am a strong man but this broke me," added Jamadar.

On the same night, both businesses in Isipingo were targeted and partly burnt.

“We went there on Tuesday morning. Five trucks were stolen. Building material, such as bricks, doors and windows, worth thousands of rand were also taken. I’m hurt. I lost our businesses. These were for our children's future," said Jamadar.

Jamadar said they employed about more than 100 people at these businesses.

JAMADAR’S Builders Suppliers.

“We have all lost our livelihoods. I cannot begin to imagine the suffering we will endure with no income. I need to calm down and think, but I know it's still too soon to decide what to do next,” said Jamadar.

On its Facebook page, uMlazi Mega City posted at the weekend that they had started clean-up operations.

“We would like to applaud our community members who, over the past couple of days, have spent hours getting their hands dirty. All in good cause of uniting and volunteering to clean up our centre,” read the post.

Nobuhle Chili, 26, of uMlazi D Section, said she never thought she would be unemployed again.

Chili and her sister, Nomvelo, both worked as stock takers at a local factory, near MegaCity. The sisters are the breadwinners for their family of five.

“When this whole stealing thing started, we spoke about it as a joke at work. Little did we know that it would actually happen and so many of us are now without jobs," said Chili.

She said their boss called them on Monday morning and told them the factory was looted.

"Later that day, he messaged to say that circumstances forced him to let us go. He said the business would not have enough money to pick up in the next six months. He already owed us two months’ salary, since things have not been going well under the lockdown,” said Chili.

She said this instantly took her back to three years ago, when she lost her job at a call centre.

“It took me so long to get this job and now, no company will employ anyone," said Chili.

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