Parishka Govender

Durban - Westville Girls’ High matriculant Parishka Govender, who hopes to study medicine at Wits, has been dabbling in the kitchen to ensure she is equipped to take care of herself while living away from home.

For now, her mom has taught her to make butter chicken.

“That’s all I learnt so far during the holidays, which means I will be living on this,” joked the 17-year-old of Westville, who intends living at the campus residence.

The Grey’s Anatomy fan, who attained 7As, said she would have preferred pursuing her studies in Durban but knew it would be difficult to get into medicine here.

Her back up plan, she said, was pharmacy.

She has also been provisionally accepted for this at Wits and Rhodes University.

Parishka, who has two younger siblings, Reshlan (Grade 10) and Jivika (Grade 2), said her role-models were her mom, Indira, a deputy principal, and dad, Nervin, a businessman.