Sandra Moonsamy. File photo: Supplied.
Sandra Moonsamy. File photo: Supplied.

PI removed from kidnapped Durban businesswoman's case

By CHARLENE SOMDUTH Time of article published Jun 12, 2019

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Durban - It will be two weeks on Thursday since wealthy businesswoman Sandra Moonsamy was kidnapped, and her family is no closer to finding her.

Moonsamy, 45, the financial director of Crossmoor Transport Plant, was kidnapped in Stapleton Road, Pinetown, on May 30.

The company, a multimillion-rand business, is owned by her elderly parents Poonsamy and Lutchmee Naicker.

Private investigator Brad Nathanson, who had worked around the clock to try to locate her, has had his services terminated by the family.

“I received an email from the family on Monday, stating that they no longer needed my assistance because they have enough police working on the case.

“However, from what I know, the alleged kidnappers have not made contact with the family. Her whereabouts remain unknown.”

The Hawks have remained tight-lipped about the investigation and numerous calls to spokesperson Captain Simphiwe Mhlongo went unanswered.

Late last week, various media houses were sent an email from [email protected]

The email had apparently been sent to Moonsamy’s family, accusing them of not having any interest in getting her back. It was unclear whether the email was from the alleged kidnappers or mischief-makers.

“We have given you time and more time and more time. You are in no position to make any demand - and as such it has been ignored,” the email read.

“Here is the final demand; if you fail at this it will be seriously clear that your interest does not lie in getting her home. So for the last time here is our demand: 30 Bitcoins (R3.45 million) to be transfered to Bitcoin address 1LVWtVVC1nrMnScM1GwufEmvdU2thcPNkV.”

“This is a 12-hour warning. You have 12 hours (to respond); failure to which we will cease communication and dispose of the dead weight we now have (sic).”


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