Two pupils were rushed to hospital after consuming muffins allegedly laced with drugs. Picture: IOL

Durban - Two pupils at a Chatsworth school who were transported by ambulance, after they allegedly consumed 'space' muffins are back at school.

According to the school principal the two females appeared to be in "good health."

He said an investigation has revealed who allegedly gave the girls the muffins, and the school planned on taking the necessary action.

He added that while he was unable to confirm if the muffins were in fact laced with drugs, he said the issue of drug abuse was rife in the Chatsworth community.

“It could have been anything either inside the muffin or something else the girls took, we are not experts.

"But we need to realise there is a lot of dangerous things around, and we need to be protective of what to coming into the schools and what is being made easily available in the community.”

He said when the pupils fell ill on Friday, they had called for a private ambulance to transport them to hospital.

He alleges it was the ambulance service who alerted the media.

" I personally feel it was blown out of proportion," said the principal.

Sam Pillay, from the Anti-Drug Forum, said schools should think about starting smart clubs that speak about drugs and other influences almost on a daily basis.

“Smart clubs actually look out for these things, and pupils from the smart clubs try to eliminate these factors from destroying other pupils at the school.

"Recently there have been space muffin dealers creeping into the school.

"These sell for R5, it is very dangerous and can affect learners. This could be a lesson for principals and teachers to check everything twice, if they see pupils with muffins, investigate it.

"It could look like a muffin but it could be laced with something else and have dangerous effects to the body, even if you are to scared contact the Anti-Drug Forum and we will test it.”