Seni Mkhize. Picture: Karen Singh

Durban - An off-duty policeman told the Durban High Court how he tried to shield the man accused of killing 9-year-old Sadia Sukhraj from the angry community. 

Warrant Officer Hemant Raghoonundan described the scene as "chaotic" with about 600 community members who wanted "vengeance". 

Sadia was killed in May in a botched hijacking. Seni Mkhize has been charged with her murder. He pleaded not guilty. 

"As a police officer, I tried to shield him but they had knives, pipes, sjamboks and sticks," said Raghoonundan.

Raghoonundan said he had fight off some people and "made some enemies" in the process. 

He is the fifth person to testify in the murder trial which began on Tuesday. 

He told the court that after he apprehended Mkhize he got a lift back to the scene in Caucus Street, Shallcross, from two unknown men in a red Toyota conquest. 

He said he thereafter handed Mhize over to a Chatsworth policeman. 

On Monday Sadia's father, Shailendra was the first person to testify in the murder trial. 

The trial is continuing and has been set down until the end of February.