Swami Siva Yogananda
Swami Siva Yogananda
Kisten Chinappan
Kisten Chinappan

Durban - To promote the Tamil culture and language, the Saiva Sithantha Sungum of South Africa and the Barathiyar School of Tamil Studies will host a Tamil Cultural Awareness Day on Sunday.

The event will take place at the Saiva Sithantha Sungum RB Chetty Hall in Rainham Road, Phoenix, at 10.30am.

“It is the vision of both our organisations to focus on the advancement of our rich Tamil culture by rolling out programmes for the promotion, propagation, preservation and perpetuation of our Tamil culture - embracing the language, music, dance, drama and religion,” said the spiritual head of the sungum, Swami Siva Yogananda.

He added that both organisations were committed to achieving the following goals and objectives to ensure the realisation of their vision:

* Facilitate the opening of more Tamil schools.

* Facilitate and encourage Tamil dialogue through the launch and opening of conversational Tamil classes.

* Encourage the participation of children, youth and adults in music, dance and drama.

* Facilitate colouring-in and essay-writing competitions to raise spiritual and religious awareness and consciousness among children and the youth.

The Tamil Cultural Awareness Day will comprise two sessions - from 10.30am-1.30pm, and from 2-5pm.

The morning session will comprise youth cultural items and presentations on researched topics by selected youth.

In the afternoon, adults from the sungum and other organisations will present cultural items celebrating the richness of the Tamil language.

Kannan Veeramani will present a selection of songs.

“Thiru Valla Kisten, who gave life to Tamil music for more than 60 years and took it throughout the country with the Luxmi Stars, will be honoured. He will also perform with the Luxmi Stars.”

Swami Yogananda said two projects would be launched: Let’s Speak in Tamil, to promote conversational Tamil, and the Colouring-in and Essay Writing Competition to raise awareness of the religion.

K Chinappan, of the Barathiyar School of Tamil Studies, said: “Music, theatre and literature form the tripod of Tamil culture, and since the Tamil new year begins on Saturday, as part of the programme the following day, the youth will have the opportunity to use the stage to test their ability and display their talents on musical instruments, singing, acting, dancing and delivering Tamil dialogues.

“The most promising talents will be offered a six-month free tuition bursary in their respective field of talent.”

For enquiries call Kisten Chinappan at 0825161713 or Swami Siva Yogananda at 0847072873.