LEFT: Arish Sirkissoon filming a scene for the movie with Sanjay Laijith. RIGHT: Behind the scenes with Richard Green. BELOW: Rubendra Govender on set. * To watch the video, see the instructions on Page 17.Pictures: Supplied

Durban - When people hear the word ‘tokoloshe’ they conjure thoughts of a mischievous and evil man. 

But a local singer and film producer is hoping to change that mindset.

“The story of the tokoloshe has been told for decades. In every culture there is a darkness or something evil but it is given a different name. 

"Since I wanted to work on a horror film, I chose to use the name Tokoloshe, not because it represents an evil ‘man’ but because people always associate it with something evil,” said film producer Arish Sirkissoon, also known as LX Seth.

Sirkissoon, who teamed up with veteran producer Richard Green to bring the myth to life, also produced the hit film The Curse of Highway Sheila in 2014.

He is now gearing for the release of his latest movie Tokoloshe later this year.

The movie, which is just over two years in the making, is being filmed at various locations in Durban, including the Rob Roy Hotel in Hillcrest and the Coedmore Castle in Yellowwood Park.

“I undertook a lot of research before settling on the film’s name,” said Sirkissoon.

“It’s about a young couple and their daughter. The couple’s relationship has grown apart and they decide to go away with their daughter to ‘find one another’ and build a stronger foundation for their child.

“They live in a hotel where they meet all kinds of characters. But the twist is that these characters are dead and are trying to lure them to their world.”

Sirkissoon will play the husband, while Angela Balkovic features as his wife. Lwandile Xaba will star as their adopted daughter Ntombi.

Actor, writer and teacher Rubendra Govender, plays Mr Shetty, a villian and ghost that harasses only Sirkissoon’s character.

“It’s funny because I am actually scared of horror films and knowing I am going to scare people it quite amusing,” said Govender.

“In fact, I think I am going to even scare myself when I watch the final product.”

Govender, who authored Sugar Cane Boy, says he is excited for the public to see the film.

“During filming, there is so much of technical aspects and cinematography that has to be done, which goes to show nothing is been spared for this film.

“I believe it is going to be a hit and there are so many people from different cultural backgrounds waiting for it to hit the big screen.”

He said the film had a diverse cast and promotional clips had went down well.

Govender, 51, added that he would never have imagined he would live out his dream of being an actor this late in life.

The Reservoir Hills resident will also feature in the upcoming local movie Broken Promises 4-Ever directed by Kumaran Naidu.