Say ‘I do’ to Cape Town with one of the world's largest rings

Yassir Shimansky and Aldermen James Vos admiring the ring that binds us. Picture: Supplied

Yassir Shimansky and Aldermen James Vos admiring the ring that binds us. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 1, 2023


Come rain or sunshine, Cape Town’s beauty of its landscapes and people shine through.

Just on Wednesday a momentous occasion took place, a unique aspect in showcasing the beauty of Table Mountain

A significant event took place at the renowned V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. It was the unveiling of a remarkable replica of the beloved Cape Town Ring, which has gained recognition as one of the world's largest rings.

Affectionately referred to as the "Ring that binds us," this exquisite creation captivated the attention of visitors at the bustling waterfront, known as one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations.

On a chilly winter's day in Cape Town, despite the rain pouring down, both the guests and the media stood undeterred.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as they eagerly awaited the event.

To keep the waiting guests warm and uplifted, live African music played in the background, creating a soothing and captivating ambiance.

Cold and rainy weather did not deter visitors from enjoying the live performance when the giant ring was unveiled. Picture: Bernelee Vollmer

The theme or concept around the ring was highlighted by Aldermen James Vos in saying ‘I do’ to Cape Town: ‘’By wearing this ring, or taking this beautiful selfie or photograph, you say I do to Cape Town.

“That’s what so special about it. It’s about people and places. It’s about celebrating the diversity of the beautiful attractions Cape Town has.’’

Shimansky, the creative force behind the ring, was praised for their ongoing endeavours to attract tourists to the Mother City.

The unveiling of this magnificent ring served as yet another testament to Shimansky's commitment to showcasing Cape Town's allure and drawing visitors from around the globe.

This is what your selfie could look like at the iconic Cape Town Ring unveiled at the waterfront. Picture: Bernelee Vollmer

Beyond the natural elements, the Cape Town Ring monument also symbolises the indomitable spirit of the people who call this place home. It embodies their resilience, determination, and unwavering pride in their city.

Yair Shimansky himself shares his enthusiasm, stating: "This is our opportunity to share the magic of your Cape Town experience with loved ones, drawing them irresistibly closer to immerse themselves in the wonders that await them."

This extraordinary creation, meticulously crafted by the internationally-acclaimed Yair Shimansky, will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind.

So, if you ever stop by the Cape Town ring, don’t hesitate to share the beauty of Cape Town. Who knows, we may be seeing more proposals take place at this very spot.

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