Marlon Wayans slams United Airlines after his removal from flight

Marlon Wayans. Picture: Instagram

Marlon Wayans. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 13, 2023


According to reports, the beef started over the issue of checked baggage. “Maaaaaan the b******* I’m experiencing at @united is unprecedented b*******. People taking advantage of their ‘power’” part of his caption reads on a reel posted on Instagram reel by Wayans.

While at the airport, he revealed that the gate agent instructed him to consolidate his luggage before boarding due to having too many bags. Wayans complied with the request and consolidated his bags. However, after doing so, the agent informed him that he would have to gate-check his luggage.

Wayans had a scheduled appearance in Kansas City later that evening. Due to the dispute, he was unable to attend the shows: “United pick better people to work for you,’’ Wayans says.

According to a report from Simply Flying, United Airlines clarified that Marlon Wayans declined to gate-check his bag and instead tried to board the plane. In other words, Wayans didn’t want to hand over his bag to be stored in the cargo area and instead wanted to bring it with him on to the plane.

“Fly private nefew u a boss 👍🏿🐾’’ joked Snoop Dogg.

“Isn’t there a baggage limit for carrying on? You needed to check in the other ones. It appears that you were in the wrong based on what you reported here,’’ said another user.

One user made a heated yet valid statement: “I like how these celebrities cry wolf and don’t show any evidence to support the claim and people get all emotionally involved smfh. Obviously if you had to consolidate something it weight more hence the reason you now have to check the bag … Ordinary people like me have to comply so why can’t celebrities comply?! … Grow up bro!’’ Geez.

And the United Airlines’ baggage policies says, they have the authority to gate-check baggage under certain circumstances. This includes situations where the aircraft is too small to accommodate carry-on bags or when the overhead storage space is full. Gate-checked bags are checked for free and can be collected upon disembarking the plane, eliminating the need to retrieve them at the baggage claim area.

United retains the right to gate-check bags in other scenarios as well. If the size of a carry-on bag exceeds United’s specified limits or exceeds the allowed baggage allowance for a passenger’s ticket class, it must be checked at the gate and can later be retrieved at the baggage claim.

In a follow up post Marlon wrote: “Fly where you’re respected, protected and loved. @americanair concierge key!!! No more @united for me. Y’all treated a first class brother real disrespectful. I need answers. And they owe me money for missing the shows in KC. This won’t stop until i get some apologies and there are changes.’’

Looks like someone’s determined to make a point. Let’s hope it ends well.

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