Residents using this footpath on GJ Champion (formerly Northern) Drive in Phoenix are concerned about the number of muggings on it as there are no lights. DOCTOR NGCOBO African News Agency (ANA)
Durban - THE broken street lights on a footpath on GJ Champion (formerly Northern) Drive and the Phoenix Highway has led to muggings along this route.

A resident, Zahir Danbar, said that for the most part of last year and this year the street lights on this path have not been working.

“Since winter is here, people can be heard screaming from the footpath being mugged in the dark. Some people leave their homes at around 5am and at 6am when it is still dark in winter. When will something be done about those lights? Must someone be shot, stabbed or die before anything is done about this?”

Danbar said the lights were reported to the area councillor.

A resident who fell victim, Vijay Naidoo, said he has been mugged twice this year along the footpath.

“In January, I had been at the Spar to buy a few things. When I was walking on that footpath, these guys walked past me and asked for a cigarette. I told them I don’t smoke. One of them grabbed the packet I had, another guy slapped me and the other pulled out a knife and emptied my pockets before they fled,” he said.

Naidoo said the second time he had been walking back from the shop he was chased and his groceries were stolen.

Naidoo said the lights had not been working for some time.

Robin Naidoo, from the Good Party, said employees who worked at the Spar also fell victim to these muggings in the morning and after work.

Sector 5 CPF acting chairperson Vivian Pillay said normally it would be the area councillor who would receive complaints regarding street lights.

“I do, however, invite people to speak about such complaints at our monthly meetings which councillors are also invited to attend. The meetings are for people to raise their concerns,” he said.

Area councillor Managi Johnson said she had not received complaints about the street lights and muggings on this path, but would keep it in mind as GJ Champion Drive was due for an upgrade from Palmview Drive.

eThekwini municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela said they were unaware of the broken street lights, and the matter had not been logged for repair.

“In order for street lighting faults to be captured by the Electricity Service Unit, residents should call the Contact Centre on 0801313111,” he said.

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