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Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Durban woman airs her alleged domestic abuse case on Facebook; pleads for help

The woman said her life was in danger and the police had failed her. Picture: Pexels

The woman said her life was in danger and the police had failed her. Picture: Pexels

Published Dec 9, 2021


DURBAN - A Durban woman has taken to Facebook to lay bare her alleged domestic abuse situation a day before the end of the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence campaign.

The woman wrote numerous Facebook posts and went live from 12.21pm on Thursday.

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Her posts had been shared numerous times and received many comments.

In her first post, she said: “Guys, I need help. My life is in danger. I'm going to share graphic videos of what is currently happening in my life, and I have been failed several times by our police system. I'm hoping that social media will help me and get my case to be noticed by @bheki cele. I'm opening up all my social media pages for SA to help me before it's too late for me.”

“Please pray and help me SA. I beg you,” she added.

When she went live at 12.28pm, the video showed two people in front of a white car on the other side of a closed gate, believed to be her home, which she said was in Durban, in a following post, and that the two men were her husband and his brother, a convicted murderer and rapist.

That post read: “I was nearly strangled to death by my husband ... last week and landed me in hospital. Case number 136/11/2021.”

A following post said: “He has his brother, a convicted crimal (criminal) murderer and rapist who just served a 15-year sentence with him now at my gate trying to force entry to my yard.”

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She followed those posts with a video, saying it was a video of her husband trying to kill her, but he had connections with the police and has not been arrested.

That post was followed by a series of posts.

I will most probably not make it today, but I want SA to know how I have been failed by our justice system.”

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“Just because I left him and he has been having multiple affairs with ... and other women which I will tag here who follow me on my Facebook.”

“He has stolen my Ford Ranger ND ... ... and stole my log book and took out the tracker. He now stole my keys for my truck ND ... ... and stoping (stopping) Isuzu to come take my truck for a job today.”

“Please circulate all those vehicles and see ownership. They belong to me and my company.”

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“He has been abusing me repeatedly in front of my kids 5, 8 and 12 years old. He has taken my kids away from me and left them with his girlfriend ..., who has a brother who's a policeman and has been helping him. Her brother ... lives in Avoca.”

“I want to know how do police let someone wo (who) tried to kill me several times out and don't convict him. They have videos and footage but he's still able to do this to me.”

“My account is not hacked. Too many calls are coming in. i need police help and someone to help. People that have came to my house know that this is real.”

“Case 136/11/2021 opened at Newlands East of attempt murder, yet he is out and still assaulting me. Restraining order violated 3 times already and he's still out.”

Later she shared a case number which she said was for when her husband tried to kill her. She said she had audio and video footage of her children begging her husband not to kill her.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said the case was a civil matter and the complainant wrote an agreement with the “accused”.

By the time of publication, police had not commented regarding the secondary case number.

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