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Durban - Rain is expected all week in KwaZulu-Natal, according to the South African Weather Service (SAWS).

Weather forecaster Stacy Colborne said that from Monday, Durban and northern parts of KZN can expect an 80% chance of showers.

“We also have a watch-out for severe thunderstorms in those areas,” Colborne said.

She said the storms were likely to hit from 10am and could continue until Wednesday. “Storms can be expected throughout the day, well into Tuesday morning and 60% chances of thunderstorms can also be expected in the afternoon,” she said.

She said 60% of rainfall is expected on Wednesday but Thursday is expected to be cloudy with rain and the weather was only likely to clear on Friday.

“It won’t be cold; it will remain warm.” She said only moderate wind could be expected along the KZN coast during the course of the week.

Meanwhile, the Ladysmith area was hit by another storm, which left more people homeless.

On February 2, a storm in Roosboom left several people homeless and many were evacuated.

Simon Gumede, chairperson of the local task team, said the storm, that lasted at least 45 minutes, brought lightning, rain and strong winds, which blew off house roofs.

“Three people were rushed to hospital and those who were displaced were housed by their neighbours,” Gumede said.

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