LETTER: It has taken the Covid-19 pandemic for us to remember what it means to be a community again

By Dhayalan Moodley Time of article published May 29, 2020

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OPINION - In response to the humanitarian crisis caused by Covid-19, many organisations and stakeholders have embarked on a humanitarian mass-feeding drive throughout Kwa-Zulu-Natal, providing warm meals to the hungry.

Dedicated volunteers have vowed not to let starvation consume the already impoverished communities, funded mainly by donations from the public and sponsors.

This demonstrates the power of the human spirit and our legacy. 

The teachings and principles of our forefathers are bearing fruit. 

The volunteers who prepare meals every day of the week work selflessly, without expecting anything in return. 

It has taken this pandemic for us to remember what it means to be a community again. We as a community ought to be proud of the selfless spirit that has been demonstrated. Let us unite and alleviate hunger.

Thank you to the organisers and volunteers for the dedication and for the sacrifice during these trying times. To the people who came together for the sake of humanity, I leave you with a saying: “Neither heaven nor Earth can truly repay spontaneous aid.”

To all those who have made no sacrifice or contribution towards the poor, I am reminded of these anonymous words of wisdom and awakening: “To eat alone what one has hoarded is worse than begging.”

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