Anele Mdoda gifted bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila: ‘Talk about a happy ending!’

Anele Mdoda. Picture: zintathu / Instagram

Anele Mdoda. Picture: zintathu / Instagram

Published Jan 23, 2024


TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda had listeners in stitches with her hilarious story about how she had to pay R16,000 for a bottle of Don Julio tequila in a Cape Town night club.

Mdoda, however, has gotten the last laugh as the brand has gifted her a personalised bottle of the expensive liquor.

947 shared the moment, when Mdoda got her special delivery and of course, she couldnt contain her excitement, and who can blame her.

Inn the clip, Mdoda can be heard saying that she needs the smoke magic and Nadia Nakai’s ‘Bragga’ to play just to recreate the moment she had in Cape Town.

Of course her co-hosts Cindy and Frankie couldn’t resist roasting her, asking if the box contained the R16,000 she had spent, and noted how her outfit matched the bottle.

Mdoda this December was left in complete disbelief when she got the bill on her first night out in Cape Town.

When the waitress asked which one, they said “1942” to which Mdoda excitedly responded “1940bani, zonke (all of them), just get me a bottle of tequila.”

Well, the tequila came and it was a bottle of 1942 and now fast forward to 4.32am when it came to the time for the bill and Mdoda got sober very quick when she saw R20,000.

While inspecting the bill, she saw she had been charged R16,000 for the Don Julio 1942 bottle which was her entire holiday budget.

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