Pink carpet for Mzansi ‘Barbie’ movie premiere was a mini frenzy

Reality TV stars and besties Faith Nketsi and Andzelo Tivani at the South African ‘Barbie’ movie premiere. Picture: faith.nketsi/Insagram

Reality TV stars and besties Faith Nketsi and Andzelo Tivani at the South African ‘Barbie’ movie premiere. Picture: faith.nketsi/Insagram

Published Jul 21, 2023


Hey Barbie, was the official greeting at the “Barbie” movie premiere on Wednesday night.

The Barbs and Ken’s that attended the premiere hosted by Warner Music turned the Mall of Africa food court into BarbieLand.

All that could be seen upon entering the specially decorated area were waves of hot pink fashion, as the dolls ensured to slay at the mini Barbiecore activation.

Across the globe, the Barbie frenzy has taken over; its pink fashion all over social media and Nicki Minaj and Aqua’s “Barbie World”.

So with all this excitement, fashionistas have spent time thinking about their outfits and it showed.

Various renditions of the famous doll’s outfit were spotted from fitness, sparkles, metallics, mini skirts and tweed. The Kens also brought the pink heat with their suits, shorts and silky shirts.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie would have been proud of all the outfits the Mzansi dolls put together. After all, fashion is the biggest factor about the “Barbie” movie.

The movie’s premiere was a content creator’s playing field, no wonder there were so many influencers in attendance.

Barbie boxes were the perfect photo-booths and it was no surprise that everyone wanted to take pictures in them.

Those who arrived early had plenty of time to get those Instagram perfect pictures, without the eyes of a growing queue.

5FM presenter Zanele Potelwa hosted the premiere and made sure that the Kens and Barbs tried out all the various activations, from touch ups at the Essence Cosmetics booth and some nail love.

Potelwa chatted with guests such as Kim Jayde and Moshe Ndiki who she quizzed about Barbie and their outfits.

The pink carpet was quite the frenzy with many wanting to take advantage of the good lighting and background. But very few celebrities did, maybe they got lost in the sea of pink, or just arrived to take pictures and dash.

After the excitement of BarbieLand, the Barbs and Kens were treated to an exclusive screening of the movie, which was under high security.

Warner Music wanted no leaks of the movie, which is estimated to bring in millions of dollars and rands - hopefully - we know our cinemas need the money.

Security was placed inside the cinema, watching like the Hawks for those who had their phones out.

The “Barbie” movie is certainly the re-branding the brand needed. It’s 2023 and everything is about inclusion.

A black Barbie for President, yes, and all the dolls that have been launched that breakaway from stereotypical Barbie.

The movie also opens fans to Ken’s story who originally was released as Barbie’s boyfriend but in the movie struggles with his identity.

The “Barbie” movie is also a reminder to girls and women that they are fearless, confident and can do whatever they want in the world. Plus there is a Ken behind every Barbie and girls rule the world!