Moshe Ndiki adds spice of laughter to set of 'Ready Steady Cook South Africa'

Multi-talented celebrity Moshe Ndiki is hosting a brand new game show set to air on S3. Picture: Supplied

Multi-talented celebrity Moshe Ndiki is hosting a brand new game show set to air on S3. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 17, 2024


Multi-talented celebrity Moshe Ndiki is bringing humour to the set of the local version of the game show ‘Ready Steady Cook’ as his secret ingredient for making everyone feel at ease.

Adapted from the long-running BBC show, the home cooks are split between the “Red Kitchen” and “Green Kitchen”, each led by a top Mzansi chef on the fast-paced cooking game show.

The teams go head-to-head to create three mouth-watering dishes in just 20 minutes, and Ndiki moderates the process and engages with the chefs and contestants in his kitchen.

Ndiki’s humour and bubbly personality do not start when the cameras start rolling but backstage, in the make-up rooms, when trying to find information about the chefs and contestants.

“It’s essential to build chemistry from backstage, because it also helps drive the conversation on set,” explained Ndiki.

“They provide the content for me; if there were no secret ingredient box, there wouldn’t be anything to make light of. Find people for whom your energies can bounce to create engaging conversations on the show.”

The teams receive five randomly selected food items, including a mystery item, that they must turn into a simple yet mouth-watering winning dish.

Chef Neo Nontso recalls telling the show’s producers how Ndiki made the experience better and ensured they were comfortable.

“Moshe is so hilarious. What do you mean? I’m too good to be true, too fresh to flop.”

Ndiki draws his energy from the top chef on the show, and the contestants, who make things easy for him, allow Ndiki to tap into his creativity.

The show is filled with plenty of family-friendly banter. This isn’t another cooking show, ‘MasterChef South Africa’ winner Kamini Pather says; it’s all about having fun and making sure the food looks great.

“The humility of being like it didn’t work out, it’s okay, I can still cook,” shared Chef Lorna Maseko about the lightness of the show compared to other cooking shows.

“You put your heart out on a sleeve, so when it doesn’t go that well, it’s not a nice feeling, but for us, we need to be like, I can cook; it’s a competition, and Moshe’s taste buds just weren’t that great,” added Maseko.

Luckily for the chefs, this isn’t the kind of show where you get voted off. Ndiki just tastes, and the audience votes to determine the episode’s winning team.

Chef Kelly Njokweni explained that getting to know the contestants before cameras start rolling helps the experience in the kitchen when the pressure is being felt.

“We actually need their help. This contestant needs to be my friend, and I must be able to gel with this person,” shared Nontso.

“We’ve got 20 minutes. I need to split the process between us. It will be better if they are comfortable. It’s important to give the contestants a platform where they can be themselves, move at their own pace, and still follow the rules.”

‘Ready Steady Cook South Africa’ is the latest title from Primedia Studios and Anele Mdoda’s Rose and Oaks Media.

‘Ready Steady Cook South Africa’ premieres on S3 on March 18 and will air Monday through Friday at 7 p.m.

Viewers can catch reruns of the show on weekdays at 3.30 pm on SABC1 and at 5.30 pm on SABC2. An omnibus will be available on S3 on Saturdays from 8 am.

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