Moshe Ndiki to give viewers an inside look on his fatherhood journey in new reality show

Soon South African viewers will be getting an intimate look into the transformational chapter of Ndiki’s life in the reality TV series ‘Life with Moshe’. Pictures: Supplied

Soon South African viewers will be getting an intimate look into the transformational chapter of Ndiki’s life in the reality TV series ‘Life with Moshe’. Pictures: Supplied

Published Jan 27, 2024


In 2020, media personality Moshe Ndiki announced that he had taken the steps to become a father through the process of surrogacy.

Four years later and after a lengthy process, he is finally a father to twins and soon South African viewers will be getting an intimate look into the transformational chapter of Ndiki’s life in the reality TV series ‘Life with Moshe’.

“It’s like I’ve been born again,” Ndiki told IOL Entertainment about his fatherhood journey.

The TV presenter admitted that seeing the lengthy process unfold has been beautiful, despite it being tough.

He had to learn how to be patient as he walked the journey; even pausing the process during the pandemic. But everything worked out as they should and he wouldn’t change anything about it.

Within the four year, life happened. He split from his then-partner Phelo Bala who had joined Ndiki on the surrogacy journey. He is now in a new relationship and welcomed the twins with his new partner.

“The process of surrogacy is something I have long researched; it’s something that I have always wanted. I always told myself that I was going to be a dad, whether with a partner or not.

“Even when my ex was around, it was something I was planning to do. It was my intention. I was the one putting in the work and when they left, I continued.

“Children are not raised by the union marriage. As long as they grow up in a stable, loving, warm and kind family where parents can instil discipline, compassion and kindness into their children.”

Having been raised by a single parent, his mother - who was by his side throughout the journey - was confident that Ndiki can walk the parenting journey.

As a black, gay man choosing the path of surrogacy to start his family, Ndiki’s decision challenged the dilemma of modern parenting pitted against traditional customs.

“I'm navigating it quite well, actually,” Ndiki explained on navigating between modern and tradition.

Having grown up in a hybrid home where they were raised as Christians but also still practised their traditions, made navigating the challenges encountered manageable.

He did reveal it was quite the experience going to his village to explain to the elders that he would be having a child through surrogacy. While he was prepared for the questions, hearing them out loud was very interesting.

Educating other black families was Ndiki’s biggest motivation for the reality TV show.

“I think that the one most important thing that speaks to then having the reality show was to teach other families, other black families, especially those within the LGBTQI space.

“It's possible, it's done. All it needs is love and support, and anything is possible with love and support, whether our children are gay, lesbian or whatever they may identify as.”

‘Life with Moshe’ is going to show Ndiki in all facets as a son, nephew and friend before becoming a father.

The idea for a reality show came about three years ago, but Ndiki didn’t just want to show viewers having lunch with his friends; he wanted something with depth.

“As much as I'm doing this to invite my fans, my supporters, the people that have started with me on YouTube and so forth."

Now that the actor is at a place in his life where he is sure of himself, and his values, and knows what he wants and doesn't want in his life, he is more than ready to let the cameras into his space.

“I just want to make it more than anything to be educational, so that other people who want to undergo the surrogacy journey know, no matter your sexual orientation.”

The reality show sees Ndiki take another step in his showbiz career - being an executive producer under his company Moshe Ndiki Pictures.

Ndiki had to teach his family to be comfortable with the cameras and teach them techniques.

“The surprise element that came to me as an executive producer is the work that goes behind it, the due diligence and the due processes that need to happen. You know it's, yeah, it's quite hectic but it was a very wonderful journey.”

When celebrities have their reality TV shows and also a part of production, things at times appear scripted or as though they are holding back, but Ndiki maintained that when he decided to have a reality show, he wanted it to be as real and raw as possible.

“If it makes sense, keep it, because I talk a lot. There are some things that I'm just like, oh, **** did I say that? And I'll just be like, keep it. If it makes for great television, keep it. I'm not going to be like, no, no, no, guys, don't delete that. I don't want that.”

If it was up to Ndiki, he would have CCTV cameras all over his house, except his bedroom, of course, just be able to catch every moment.

Having been in the industry for close to 10 years now, Ndiki isn’t afraid of social media reactions.

He understands the essence of his show which is showcasing black love within families and navigating life with love and compassion.

‘Life with Moshe’, premiers on Sunday, January 28 at 7:30pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).

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