Jojo’s tantrum on ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ had her packing her bags, leaving her bestie Nonku behind

Jojo Robinson on ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’. Picture: Supplied

Jojo Robinson on ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 23, 2023


The first 10 minutes of the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Durban” were filled with explosive drama that immediately locked viewers in.

Dinner ended with the Drakensberg trip host, Jojo Robinson, bailing on her guests after flinging a glass with her bestie Nonku Williams getting caught in the crossfire of the outburst.

This was followed by cries from Ruan, who we still don’t know why is on the show, and Maria comforting Jojo while also chasing Sane away.

Jojo’s childish behaviour was caused by her trying, in her best way, to twist Annie’s words about her smelling alcohol in her room as she looked for answers about the murmurs of her being an alcoholic.

Annie was on the ball when she said in her confessional that Jojo is misconstruing what she said and making it something it’s not and it turned the moment into a dramatic one.

Never one to sugar coat things, Annie didn’t succumb to Jojo’s antics and firmly let her know she was taking things out of context, leading to Jojo losing her cool and walking out.

She flung a glass of water off the table, with little consideration of glass bits landing on Nonku’s face.

“The woman is spoiled,” said Slee in her confessional, as Jojo was heard screaming, “I’m done, I’m out”.

Quite the dramatic scene and Sun City, last season, does not even compare. The whole debacle had Jojo phoning her husband, who arrived bright and early to pick her up.

Surprisingly in real time, Jojo jetted off to a family holiday in Seychelles the day before the episode aired on Showmax.

Maria tried to stop an emotional Jojo from running off but she was adamant that she was done with the group of ladies. Imagine not informing your guests that you’re leaving, how crass!

Kudos to the rest of the housewives for continuing with the trip and making the best out of it, even if it did end in drama.

Nonku, who has coincidentally turned off her Instagram comments on her latest post, was reminded that Jojo isn’t really her friend.

Nonetheless, she defended her friend tooth and nail for her actions. Even though, she had flung a glass in her direction.

Honest mistake or not, she left her alone on a trip she invited her to.

Sorisha tried to make Nonku see reason but instead, she ended up seeing the evil in Maria, who has beef with Nonku for presumptuously assumed she would do her make-up.

Resident chef Sane tried to apologise and own up to saying Annie slept her way to the top but failed dismally as she rambled away.

It had seemed as though Sorisha got Sane to admit to saying what she said during a private conversation but Sane made stood her ground during dinner with the ladies.

Instead of owning up, Sane threw Jojo under the bus and got angry with Nonku for pushing her about what she had said.

The drama on “The Real Housewives of Durban” is heated and viewers are ready for the reunion to see what happens when things are played back for the ladies and truths are revealed. Talk about an explosive third season.