KZN's Instaworthy restrooms tap into the ‘loo-tiful’ selfie trend

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Feb 20, 2020

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Durban - There was a time when we were about to leave home for dinner at a restaurant, one of my friends would utter the famous words: “Did you use the bathroom?”

Back then, the restrooms at restaurants were grungy, smelly and only used in an emergency.

Now, many customers are happy to highlight a restaurant for its “Insta-famous” restroom.

If you are an Instagramer like me, you will have noticed many restaurant restroom selfies, posted with a geotag.

“It provides the best lighting,” a friend told me.

“With innovative bathroom designs, we might as well conduct a photo-shoot right in that bathroom,” another said.

Some restaurants in the province are catering to the demand, adding top decor fixtures for their guests.

Here are some to check out in KwaZulu-Natal.

The gold inspired restroom at Café La Plage in Umhlanga.

Café La Plage: The gold inspired restroom

uMhlanga eateries are generally grand when it comes to decor, but at Café La Plage, in the Pearls of Umhlanga, you will find the ladies’ and gents’ restrooms embellished with gold thrones. Since its opening in November 2016, patrons have been raving about its grandiose and unique gold toilets.

Designed around luxury with an opulent French Baroque theme, the bathrooms are styled with high-gloss onyx tiles, adorned with gold trimmings, classic French pearl furniture and crisp white hand towels.

The restaurant boasts the catchphrase “luxury restrooms fit for a king” and it certainly lives up to that sentiment.

What’s on the menu: With a French-and Mediterranean-influenced

menu, Café La Plage offers a wide selection of gourmet burgers, designer pizzas and pasta, fresh sushi, mouthwatering grills, and prides itself on their most popular dish - the whole line fish.

Popular items also include fresh local oysters, fillet mignon and its famous tomahawk steak.

Call 0315619999 or visit

The restroom at Blueberry Cafe in the Midlands offers views of cows.

Blueberry Cafe: View of cows


Blueberry Cafe is in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Durban.

Besides the alluring landscapes, many people visit to see the “loo with a view”.

Here, you can watch the cows graze as you answer nature’s call. Do not worry, as no one can peer inside.

The restroom cubicles are spacious so there’s plenty of room to capture those selfies.

What’s on the menu: For breakfast, try the breakfast stack with toasted home-made ciabatta, bacon, creamed spinach, balsamic roasted tomatoes and poached eggs. For lunch, try the beef fillet, or spinach and feta chicken.

Call 0332667132 or visit 

The Barn Owl on the picturesque Groundcover farm in the Midlands is chic and homely.

The Barn Owl: Classic greenhouse vibe 

The Barn Owl on the picturesque Groundcover farm in the Midlands is chic and homely.

The cafe’s restroom gets travellers talking - for all the right reasons.

Ryan Solomon designed the

unisex restroom to resemble an old greenhouse.

He used bold colours and designs to make it “Instaworthy”.

He maintains that there’s no identifiable style to the restroom, although he wanted a “homely feel”. Expect lots of flowers and an array of photo options.

What’s on the menu: If you visit during the weekend, try the canelé - a small French dessert packed with


Other popular items on the menu include “Check-your-teeth” kale salad bowl, “Fancy-pants” beef parcel and smoothie bowls. Be sure to order a side portion of fries. You will thank us later.

Call 0713563221 or visit

Wish on Florida took inspiration for its “Instaworthy” restroom design from the colours on its logo.

Wish on Florida: Black and gold luxe

Wish on Florida took inspiration for its “Instaworthy” restroom design from the colours on its logo.

Director of Mad Design Studio Nqobile Mthembu said the key elements that went into the restroom were large tiles to resemble the black Wish logo, two-tone gold and black oval basins and special velvet black paint with specks of gold glitter imported from Italy.

Also expect to see a customised round, gold-trimmed mirrors and other luxe items.

The restaurant is still adding finishing touches to the restroom.

What’s on the menu: Wish offers a diverse Italian menu, that is packed with flavour. Try the Ocean Fresh pasta with poached prawns, mussels and calamari, in a creamy tomato base and deep-fried calamari squid heads, or a Cranberry Chick with crispy chicken, with brie and cranberry sauce.

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