Durban Mayor Zandile Gumede
DURBAN - THE national office of the auditor-general is now intervening in KwaZulu-Natal to protect its team after a threatening phone call was received by a staff member while she was working on the eThekwini Municipality audit.

Mayor Zandile Gumede told journalists at an urgent press briefing called by the city that eThekwini’s head of security was waiting on the A-G national office in discussing protection for the A-G staff member.

“Once the head of security has received proper documentation, he will deal with other matters like making sure that a plan is in place. For now we are waiting for the national office to deal with our head of security,” said Gumede.


The briefing was called after the A-G’s KZN office sent a letter to eThekwini saying it was pulling out because of safety concern after a death threat to a staff member.

Our sister paper The Mercury reported that the threat came after the team requested some supply chain management documents for the audit.

Gumede said they were concerned about the death threats, especially since the A-G’s office wasn’t handling an investigation at the time, but was working on administrative issues to deal with their work.

“All we can confirm is that one of their staff members was phoned by an individual and police will investigate.

“We will take it from there,” said Gumede,

She also urged that the threatened A-G staff member ensure that a case was opened.

“This is so that the city’s head of security can intervene and do his work; it’s important for us that this happens because we want this audit done.”

The nature of the threatening call was not revealed, with Gumede telling journalists that such details should be left between security agencies and the person who received the threat.

“We can’t speculate if we do we are going to be letting down our security agencies because they are the ones who will be investigating to see what type of animal we are dealing with here.”