#CraftFest: Feast of homestyle food

By Frank Chemaly Time of article published Feb 12, 2019

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Durban - CraftFest not only brings you the latest in craft beers, designer gins and rums and a beautiful champagne and cocktail bar, it also celebrates a veritable feast of home-cooked foods.

Brought to you by the Independent on Saturday and the Shongweni Farmers and Craft Market, expect everything from delicious cooldrinks, Mexican burritos, Greek spanakopita, designer burgers, vegan buddha bowls and man-sized pulled pork rolls.

On the drinks side, get a taste of the range of home-made lemonades from Natalie Baitz under her Lemonlicious label or Durban Kandyman Canny Naidoo will be there with a tantalising array of slush puppies. There are also bee-friendly honey-based cordials from the Thirsty Elephant. The non-alcoholic cordials use up-cycled bottles.

One of the highlights is Tommy Liuinchu’s egg and bacon muffins, made with much fanfare on site. It’s quite a production and watching the muffins being made stimulates the appetite. First, the muffin batter is poured into a cooker with circular, muffin-sized holes. Next, bacon and a freshly cracked egg are added and partially cooked. Finally, a second layer of muffin batter is poured in, the whole delicious mix is flipped and cooked on both sides before being served hot with a drizzle of soy sauce, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a little peppadew salsa on the side.

Authentic Mexican, Spanish and Greek food will all be on offer. Catch Maria Moutzouris of Fournaki for a range of lamb shawarmas, feta pies and some excellent Greek shortbread.

Jaryd Rider of Up in Smoke offers pulled pork and brisket rolls, wings and ribs, while Greg Clelland of the Red Rooster Cafe has an exciting array of burgers that are perfect companions for the craft beers.

On the vegan side, Debbie Rich’s Out to Lunch offers fresh and healthy vegetarian options like Buddha bowls and vegetarian sushi, while Christine Organisian of Zaza Pops brings a range of fruit and vegetable popsicles.

Tuck in to candied nuts, biltong olives, pancakes, waffle cones, or get a taste of Koeksister Queen Marie de Lange’s sticky creations.

De Lange tells how growing up, koeksisters were a regular item on their family menu. Years later, she’s a natural and one of the most well-known koeksister makers in town.

“As kids we loved sweet stuff, but hated the mission. So we’d cheat and slice bread, deep fry it and dunk it in the syrup to make our own quick ‘breadsisters’.

“Nowadays, we do things properly: eggs, flour, sugar, salt, butter and we experiment with flavours like lemon, ginger, cinnamon and apple blossom,” she says.

  • Catch it all at CraftFest on March 21 at the Shongweni Farmers and Craft Market from 10am to 4pm. Early bird tickets at R60 are still available at Quicket. Other tickets: adults R120, children 12-17 R60 and under 12 free.

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