040510. Inside Rivonia Teazers following the gunned down strip club boss Lolly Jackson. 701 Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Durban -

The strip club Teasers expects a busy weekend.

“It’s always like that over the July,” said manager Kyle Russouw. “It’s the same when there’s rugby. Anything like that.”

Closer to Greyville racecourse, two Durban “entertainment” venues near one another, appear to understand economics differently.

The Rose, which advertises “classy, friendly ladies 4 world class treatment + pvt (private) + tvl (travel)”, has geared up for a busy Durban July weekend.

However, they are not putting prices up.

“We’ll just be working harder, my love,” the manageress told The Independent on Saturday. “We always get a bit busier when there are things like the World Cup, the Comrades and the July.”

She said that in spite of the influx of people to the city, there was no need to invest in more advertising than usual.

“We get most of our business through word of mouth. Lots of guys come (to Durban) every year and they know where we are.”

Another is expecting to bring in much the same business as usual. “July or no July, there’s no difference,” said the owner.