Mthokozisi Mabuyakhulu has had to leave Durban because of taunting. Photo: Supplied

Durban - A North Coast man who was allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint by three women has been taunted so severely about the incident that he has been forced to quit his job.

Mthokozisi Mabuyakhulu said he packed his bags and returned home to rural KwaNongoma, in northern Zululand.

“It all just got too much for me,” said Mabuyakhulu, speaking from home.

His girlfriend has returned home with him.

He said that while he was undergoing counselling and taking anti-retroviral treatment the taunts and jibes had become unbearable.

“The counselling has helped me deal with what happened, but, because my colleagues and neighbours knew about my ordeal, some of them were constantly taunting me and insulting me every chance they got,” he said.

As part of the investigation the man had been examined by a district surgeon.

Mabuyakhulu, a 25-year-old father of two, said he had been hitchhiking in Gingindlovu when three women in a navy Toyota Tazz stopped to give him a lift.

He claimed that each of the women raped him three times each on towels they had especially laid out beside their car on the side of a road. They appeared sober and did not smell of alcohol, he said.

He told The Independent on Saturday last month that he had taken a traditional remedy to treat his erectile dysfunction before the rape, saying this was how he had been able to perform during the four-hour “torture session”.

Yesterday he said since returning home he was able to walk the street without being “judged and taunted”.

“Counselling has helped me accept what happened, but I couldn’t deal with some of the remarks. Some people were saying I wasn’t man enough, while others accused me of lying,” he said.

His ordeal was met with mixed reaction. Some mocked him, while others praised him for his “bravery” in discussing the ordeal.

Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane said no arrests had been made. “Investigations are ongoing,” he said.