A frame at Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha provides a unique vantage point for residents and visitors to photograph themselves with Table Mountain in the background. Picture\: Tracey Adams
Durban - From tracking a cheetah to viewing old shipwrecks, the millennial generation looks for adventure and original experiences when they travel.

Those were some of between 23 and 38 years old.

“This group does not do traditional activities. They are adventure junkies looking for unique experiences they can put on social media. They are also aware when it comes to responsible tourism and volunteerism. We want to align ourselves with this market,” said Thakhuli, adding that culture and heritage formed a strong component for the millennial market.

He said 80% of visitors to SANparks were domestic and the millennial generation had disposable income.

It is believed the millennial generation will soon become the largest and most lucrative tourist group because of its size and disposable future income.

A recent global study by Airbnb in conjunction with market research institute GfK predicted that by 2025, millennials and younger generations would make up three-quarters of all consumers and travellers.

The research indicated a strong demand for nature-based experiences.

“The fact that millennials are driven by novel experiences also works in SANparks’ favour, considering each of the 19 national parks has a unique offering in terms of scenery, biodiversity and different tourist experiences.”

Independent On Saturday