SURPRISE MOVE: Glenwood High School’s acting principal Tony Pinheiro will take the helm at Durban High School from Tuesday.

DURBAN - DHS’s new principal wants to bring the school back to its former glory and make it like it was back in 1994.

At his inaugural assembly on Wednesday morning, Tony Pinheiro, the former Glenwood High School acting headmaster, called on the more than 900 pupils to lead the change, which would bring DHS back to its eminent position where it would produce leaders in all spheres.

“Rewards will come later,” he said, stressing that they could have pride in being part of bringing DHS back to becoming one of the leading schools in South Africa.

Pinheiro stressed the importance of values, saying that the deterioration of every institution began with the erosion of the principles on which it is founded.

“Those principles are the values. We need to revisit and strengthen them,” he said.

Pinheiro recalled his first dealing with the school, when he brought a sports team there 1994.

"They (his team) were given a good hiding. I also knew of the school's success academically and that old boys had gone out into society as leaders."

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