Python nabbed after chicken take-away

By Tanya Waterworth Time of article published Nov 16, 2018

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DURBAN - Having snacked on a chicken belonging to local residents, a 2.5 metre python was caught in Inanda around lunchtime today.

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans said community members had called him a couple of weeks ago when their chickens started disappearing.

Pythons generally hunt at night and they managed to film the large snake slithering away on a phone video while it was hunting for some food before it slipped away again, but then today it was spotted sunning itself.

“It was basking in the sun and ducked into a nearby burrow when we approached.

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans with the 2.5 python caught in Inanda today

“When I pulled it out, it was stressed and regurgitated the chicken it had eaten. There was also corn which the chicken had obviously eaten, so that was a healthy diet of protein and veg for the python,” said Evans.

Pythons are a protected species and Evans said Inanda is one of the few places this snake species can still be found. He added while pythons are not venomous, they will lunge if they feel threatened and have a nasty bite.

With the hot, humid weather, Evans has had a busy week - catching a black mamba on Wednesday and two cobras in Northdene.

“When I arrived in Northdene, I thought it was just one cobra I had to catch, and then found there were two. At the same property three years ago, I caught three cobras in three hours.

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